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  • Terrakan

New bill AB 1763 removes unit caps for 100% affordable developments in TOC zones

A new statute has been approved for the city of Los Angeles and is a big win for those looking to take advantage of all TOC has to offer. In an effort to boost development of affordable units near transit stations AB 1763 states that the bill, “would exempt the housing development from any maximum controls on density if it is located within 1/2 mile of a major transit stop.” This incentive comes at a time where Los Angeles is pressed for affordable units. According to the California Housing Partnership and the Southern California Association of Nonprofit Housing 516,946 additional affordable units would have to be built in order to adequately meet demand. However, there has been static motivation for developers to build the necessary amounts of units needed due to restrictions put upon by the city. AB 1763 serves as a step in the right direction to appeasing both problems. Developers are free to build a larger density of units, which makes their project financially viable, while the city is guaranteed much needed affordable housing. Increased density for low-income households around transportation hubs is an added benefit for those who travel long distances to work on public and the city whose goal is to increase public transit use. AB 1763 was approved in October 2019 to be implemented starting next January 2020.

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