The Code Solution brings elevated modern style to Venice with "1900 Penmar"

Using innovative design and meticulous attention to detail, The Code Solution brings "1900 Penmar" to the beach haven of Venice, CA.

The 3 lot small subdivision contains 3-story single-family residences approximately 3500 sq. ft. and represent both the sophistication and effortless carefree simplicity that has long been apart of Venice culture.

The design for 1900 Penmar features a unique combination of materials that highlight each residence's effortless modern aesthetic

In order to best accomplish their creative vision, the architects opted to put the bedrooms on the first and second levels and living space on the third. "you want your everyday living to be done on the top floor because thats where you get your best views", says Antonios Simos, one of The Code Solution's lead architects and senior manager on the project, "this was a big priority for us when imagining what we wanted Penmar to look like."

In addition to structural plan itself, one of the biggest successes thus far that Simos points to is the amount of freedom that the client has afforded his team to make something great. "An integral part of each house is a metal fabricated stair versus a traditional wooden stair", he says, "all blackout on the stair using black concrete and black satin finishes to provide a centerpiece in a modern-type design. We wouldn't have been able to carry out that vision without the trust of the client, which in this case, has led to some pretty great design."

1900 Penmar (seen here in the beginning phases of construction) will soon transform into 3 effortlessly chic residences for the ever growing Venice real estate market

Although there has been some pushback from the neighborhood, Simos believes that "1900 Penmar" will overall be a value add to the neighborhood. "We want to morph into a modern interpretation of what life is in the 21st century and Penmar does just that."

For more information on 1900 Penmar or other similar projects, contact The Code Solution here

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