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Offering New Parking Structures

We offer different kinds of parking structures to the cities and places crowded.

Looking for new ways to save space on your next space?

Discover throughout our website to find more options for you.

We have been assisting parking structures in the Los Angeles area for the last five years and have been continuously growing to provide more options for city lovers. 

With different projects across the Southern California area, we have been perfecting our practices with professional engineering and maintenance of our builds. 

As a one-stop solution provider for consulting, designing, manufacturing, installing, and maintaining our builds, we pride ourselves on delivering the best results to our clients.

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Things to know about City Parking Issues

30% of City traffic is caused by drivers circling blocks, looking for parking

5.5 billion miles are driven yearly, looking for parking

270 million gallons of gas ($810 million) are wasted, every year

4.2 million tons of CO2 emission is released into the air, every year

Metropolitan cities' parking problems

We all know that major metropolitan cities all struggle with parking spaces. We know precisely what solutions are needed in those spaces, and we have the answers to solve your problems.

Parking Lot
Benefits of Auto-parking Solutions


Three decades of system operations verified, Equipped with laser and heat sensors, motion detectors, and safety devices.

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