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At The Code Solution, we brand ourselves as a full-service real estate development solution provider. This includes development strategy consultation in architectural design, entitlements, expediting, financing options, to construction management. Having one firm that handles all of these aspects allows you to streamline your project timeline and leaves you with only one point of contact for all your needs. 

Since established in 2011, we have become masters of our craft. With over 100 years of combined experience, we work hard to find the answers so you don't have to. Going above and beyond to ensure you’re satisfied and will work with us again. Explore the rest of our site to learn more about what we offer, and get in touch with any questions.

Architectural Plans

We're not just a regular development or a consulting firm

As a real estate development solution provider, we provide a complete suite of strategies for each phase of real estate development. From acquiring your dream project to managing and making it a possibility, we always strive to provide the best solutions for our clients.

Brick Construction

Why The Code Solution?

We build and integrate our solutions to our projects, both online and on-site. 

Employing data-driven strategy and decades of development experience, we created the UPWARD System here at The Code Solution.

The system identifies the 6 most integral steps of real estate development and the services required to tackle them successfully. This unique full-service approach to development is what allows us to customize development plans that best fit our clients' needs. 


Our system is structured to address any potential pitfalls and streamline the most complex aspects of the development process.

We've built the system to accelerate success in the industry.

Since 1980, our founders have been pursuing to provide the solution of simplifying the process while optimizing project value that lasts.

$ 1.2B


On affiliate and consulting projects

$ 130M


On all our In-House projects



Average calculated based on past performance of fully realized deals.

A Different Kind of Firm with Different Kind of Values.

We're a new kind of corporate that discovers a new set of solutions to the real estate development industry to help all developers find the best kind of strategies for their projects. Our focus is always on finding the most cost and time-effective plans with lasting results.

We continuously grow our knowledge and technology to adapt to the trend,  providing the best strategies for our clients.

Together, we work to find the best methods for everyone to find success in the industry.

Finding the code to providing all solutions in the real estate industry.

Just like computers' program languages, we strive to find the code in real estate implemented to guide you to success. Through years of research and data accumulated, strengthened with modern technology, we hope to perfect the process.

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