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A different kind of firm with different kind of values.

We're a new kind of corporate that specializes in providing strategies for all processes in real estate development. Together, we work to find the most methods for everyone to find success in the industry. Since established in 2010, we have become masters of our own craft. With over 100 years of combined experience in the team, we work hard to find the answers so you don't have to. Going above and beyond to ensure you're satisfied with the results. We continuously grow our knowledge and technology to adapt to the trend, providing the best strategies for our clients. 

We specialize in providing strategies for:

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3415 Bellvue

3415 Bellvue

4541 Santa Monica

4541 Santa Monica

101 Western

101 Western

6830 Sunset

6830 Sunset

We're not just regular developers or consulting firms. We are solution providers that help you succeed with your estate.

As a real estate development solution provider, we provide a complete suite of strategies for each phase of real estate development. From acquiring your dream project to managing and making it a possibility, we always strive to provide the best solutions for our clients. We build and integrate our solutions to our projects, both online and on-site. Employing data-driven strategy and decades of development experience we created the UPWARD system here at The Code Solution.

The system identifies the 6 most integral steps of real estate development and the services required to tackle them successfully. This unique full-service approach to development allows us to customize development plans that best fit our clients' needs.

We structured our system to address any potential pitfalls and streamline the most complex aspects of the development process.


nderstanding project scope

What is your exit strategy? Entitle & Flip, Build & Sell, or Rent & hold?

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rchitecture & Plans

Architectural strategy and layout can make or break a project. Let us help you create the most efficient and profitable design.

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roperty Acquisition

Search for and acquire the property with the highest development potential within your budget.

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eceipt of Approvals

Good design is only half the battle. Compliance with all city guidelines is key to ensuring that entitlements and building permits are receives in the shortest timeline.

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ork out Finances

There will be many soft and hard costs after the acquisition safe. We can help you with a wide range of financing options.

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eliver results &
Analyze Data

Complete construction, deliver the end product and analyze results.

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The Code Solution introduces new concept of living

Watch the full video on Youtube to learn more about how we are introducing a new concept of living to residential and commercial areas.

We built the system to accelerate success in the industry.

$1.6 B

Capital Raised

On affiliate and consulting projects

$250 M

Dollars in Revenue

On all in-house projects


Return on Investment

Average calculated based on past performance fully realized deals

Only the best in the industry.

At The Code Solution, we work with specialists in-house to give a total suite of services to our clients. Anything you need for real estate development, we have it.

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Terrakan is an online solution for all your development needs. Find all in-person services from the comfort of your own home.

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Betula Lenta, Inc. is your ultimate development partner for a successful investment. Find all investing opportunities.

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TCS Building Solution specializes in everything from construction administration and management with innovative technology integrations.

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TCS Design Studio is a team of the finest architects in the industry with modern design and technology to bring your home alive.

TCS Smart Living Solution focuses on providing innovative ways of living to the new residential and commercial buildings. 

TCS Urban Design is an Architectural firm designing urban and residential designs turning your imagination into tomorrow's stunning design.


TAPS, is a unique service offering auto parking structures. Find how you can utilize the most of your space with innovative parking space designs.

The Code Solution in the News.

Just like computers' program languages, we strive to find the code in real estate implemented to guide you to success. Through years of research and data accumulated, strengthened with modern technology, we hope to perfect the process. 

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